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Ownership Information

Any customer purchasing a caravan with us receives an OFT (Office of Fair Trading) approved contract. This cites a specific period of time that the caravan can be kept on the caravan park offering certainty and peace of mind. Our standard tenure periods are 15 years for a new caravan.

We understand that for many people buying a caravan that there are a lot of questions that they may need answered. We’ve tried to anticipate the majority of these below to help you out. If we’ve missed anything, please let us know

General Questions

1. When is Resipole Farm Holiday Park open?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park is open all year.

2. What facilities does Resipole Farm Holiday Park have?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park has a laundry and lots of peace and quiet! The majority of our caravan owners come to our holiday park in Scotland because of our location and also the tranquility of the site.

3. Can I rent my caravan out?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park strictly forbids the private renting out of owner’s caravans. We pride ourselves on the peace and quiet of our Scottish holiday park and this would be jeopardised if we allowed the renting of caravans.

4. Are friends and family allowed to use the caravan?

Absolutely, as long as they are made aware of the more important rules of the caravan park – the main ones being only 1 car allowed to be parked at each caravan (extra cars can be parked in the car park) and no noise after 10pm please! – then friends and family are welcome to use your caravan.

5. Do you allow dogs at Resipole Farm Holiday Park?

Dogs are welcome at our caravan park in Scotland as long as they obey the obvious rules! In fact many of our caravan owners have dogs and there are many wonderful places to walk adjacent to the caravan park.

6. What if there is a specific caravan I want to buy that you don’t have available for sale?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park often has current, or soon to be, vacant pitches, so if you like the look of our Scottish holiday park and have a caravan in mind that you’d like to buy, let us know as chances are we’ll be able to get one for you.

7. Can I bring my own caravan to Resipole Farm Holiday Park?

No, all Holiday homes must be purchased through Resipole Farm Holiday Park.

8. Does Resipole Farm Holiday Park have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the caravan park provides wi-fi to all our customers. We recently made a significant investment in a new wi-fi system which gives a reasonably consistent and reliable service to all of our caravans. There is a charge for this service available on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tariff.

9. Can I get digital TV or Sky?

Yes, many of our customers have their own satellite dishes.



10. What does the price include?

The cost of buying a caravan at Resipole Farm Holiday Park includes VAT, siting, connection to electric, gas, water and waste and timber boxing around it. This boxing in helps both the look of the caravan and also makes it considerably warmer as the wind can’t blow underneath it.

11. How much will it cost a year to keep my caravan at Resipole Farm Holiday Park?

The Annual Outlays for 2020 are as follows:

  • Management Fees (payable annually on April 1st ): from £1400+VAT
  • Rates (payable annually on September 1st): £180.00
  • Gas and electric are read 3 times a year (end of May, mid September and January)
  • Caravan Insurance: Insurance for your Holiday Home is compulsory.

12. How much will it cost to insure my caravan?

It is a legal requirement that all caravans at Resipole Farm Holiday Park are insured. As an example: a £36,000 caravan with balcony would cost about £206 to fully insure.

13. Will my caravan increase in value over time?

No, the way to look at it is that buying a caravan is more like buying a car than buying a house and it will only decrease in value.

14. Can you help finance the purchase of a caravan?

Unfortunately, as Resipole Farm Holiday Park is a small independent business, the caravan park does not offer finance packages to assist with purchasing a caravan. What we can do is accept a significant non-refundable deposit of a few thousand pounds. This ‘holds’ the caravan for a purchaser for up to a couple of months until they are able to arrange their finances.

15. Can I pay by monthly direct debit?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park does not currently have a scheme allowing people to pay in this way. We ask that the management fees be paid in full by March 1st when the caravan site opens. Rates are due by 1st May.

16. Other caravan parks don’t charge ‘rates’ – why do you?

Every Scottish caravan park has the operational expenses attributed to ‘rates’ such as business rates, water charges, sewage costs, bin collections etc. Many caravan parks in Scotland choose to claim back these costs by incorporating the amount in the management fees. Resipole Farm Holiday Park prefers to separate them out so people have an idea of where their money is going and it also enables people to spread the payment of their annual costs.


Gas & Electric

18. What type of gas does Resipole Farm Holiday Park use?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park has a large LPG gas tank on site with piped gas directly to every caravan. This is cheaper, less unsightly and more convenient than bottles. Each caravan has it’s own individual gas meter which is read and billed for 3 times a year by the holiday park.  As of January 2020 the price per cubic metre is £2.99 (inc VAT).

19. Where does the electricity for the caravan come from?

Resipole Farm Holiday Park electricity comes off the national grid with one of the main providers and the caravan park then passes this on to you at the same price. Each caravan has its own individual electricity meter which is read and billed for 3 times a year by the caravan site. As of January 2020, the price is £0.16 (inc VAT). There is no annual standing charge applied.

20. What is the average gas and electric bill?

This is a very difficult question to answer accurately as there are so many variables including the amount of time people spend in their caravan and what their attitude to gas and electric is. A reasonable estimate however would be around £200 annually for those using their caravan a lot at weekends with a few weekly stays throughout the year.


Length of Time at Resipole Farm Holiday Park

21. What sort of contract do I get when I purchase a caravan?

A few years ago our governing body, the BH & HPA (the British Home and Holiday Parks Association) sat down with the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) and produced a standard agreement to be used by caravan parks relating to the sale of caravans. This agreement, which we use, is specifically designed to protect the customer and ensure transparency in the transaction offering any purchaser peace of mind. This has been updated by the BH&HPA in 2018.

22. How many years can I keep my caravan at Resipole Farm Holiday Park?

We call this the length of TENURE you have at Resipole Farm Holiday Park.  Generally, if you buy a new caravan from us, you are entitled to keep it here for 15 years. For a pre-owned caravan, the tenure is upto 10 years.  Longer tenures may be possible, please ask for further details. The documentation provided on the purchase of a caravan details these dates quite clearly.

23. What happens at the end of my tenure at Resipole Farm Holiday Park?

Essentially you have 3 options:

  • You can upgrade your caravan either on your existing pitch or another one.
  • You can sell your caravan, either off the caravan site or back to Resipole Farm Holiday Park if we are willing to buy it.
  • You can remove your caravan from Resipole Farm Holiday Park.

24. What if I want to leave Resipole Farm Holiday Park before the end of my tenure?

Depending on a number of factors including the condition of your caravan and what else we have for sale at the time, we may make you an offer for your caravan. If we do not think we can resell it at Resipole Farm Holiday Park we will try and find an ‘offsite’ buyer for it.

25. How does it work if you buy my caravan from me?

If you accept an offer from Resipole Farm Holiday Park to buy your caravan, you are then free of any obligation relating to the caravan and can cancel the insurance. In effect this is a ‘clean break’.

26. What is a private sale?

A caravan owner who no longer wishes to keep their caravan on at Resipole Farm Holiday Park is entitled to try and sell it privately. The benefits of this to the owner are that they can still use their caravan in the meantime and usually achieve a higher price for the caravan. Resipole Farm Holiday Park adhere to the industry standard rules in this regard which are:

  • The caravan must be sold with the remaining term of the tenure, i.e. if you have 6 years left on your tenure at Resipole Farm Holiday Park, this is what you are selling your caravan with.
  • Resipole Farm Holiday Park is under no obligation to advertise or assist in the sale, although in practice we would be able to show people around the caravan if required.
  • Until the caravan is sold, you as owner remain liable for the management fees, insurance and all other obligations in relation to the caravan.
  • Resipole Farm Holiday Park is entitled to a 15% (plus VAT) transfer fee on the sale of the caravan and must approve the buyers in person.